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How to Follow Up With Lost Leads (Step By Step)

Form Abandonment can be a barrier for your online business growth and every website is facing the problem of abandonment that uses forms on-site to collect some data from the user.

Sometimes users try to contact-interact with you and fill the form for that but don’t click on the submit button. The reason could be anything for that;

  • Maybe they are missing anything.
  • Maybe they found something which they don’t like…
  • It could happen with a mistake

There are endless possibilities why they don’t complete and send the form.

It happens with every site. But most of the webmasters and marketers don’t think about that. If you are also one from them then you’re missing your business and losing your future customers.

But you can solve this in very easy steps and in just a few clicks. In this guide, I will show you how you can save your losing customers and can grow your sales just by using an abandoned form on your website.

If you are using WordPress for your website then it makes easier for you. And this guide will help you to save your losing customers.

In this guide, I’m using WPForms to Create Abandoned Form for WordPress. WPForms is one of the best form builder plugins for WordPress.

WPForms is a very easy, reliable and feature-rich plugin to create almost any type of form in WordPress. You can create an Abandoned Form with WordPress In just a few minutes.

How WPForms Capture Data from Abandoned Forms?

WPForms use Event trigger to capture abandoned leads data. WPForms tracks two conditions to save abandoned lead data:

  1. If the user clicks on the link
  2. If the user comes out from the Browser’s Viewpoint

We consider a form abandoned form if the user doesn’t submit the form or left in the way. WPForms saves all the data which a user have been filled before leaving the form.

How to Recover Leads From An Abandoned Form in WordPress?

Follow these steps to create an Abandoned Form in WordPress in just a few Clicks.

Step 1: Install and Activate WPForms

First of all, you need to Upload WPForms Plugin on your Website. Then Install the WPForms Plugin on your Website and activate the plugin with its license key. You can find WPForms license key in your WPForms account.

Step 2: Install & Activate Form Abandonment Addon

After installing the WPForms, Go to the WPForms >> Addons

WPForms Addons

and install & Activate the Form Abandonment Addon.

WPForms form abandonment Addon

Step 3: Create An Abandoned Form

Now, Create a Form which you want to use on your website. Follow these steps to create a Form:

WPForms >> Add New

Wpforms Add new form

Give the Name your Form and customize the form according to your requirements. You can add/remove the fields according to your requirements.

With WPForms, you can create different types of form.

After Creating your Form, Go the Settings >> Form Abandonment and “Enable form abandonment lead capture.”

create abandoned form wordpress

Also, check other options if you need any. (As shown in the above screenshot)

You can also some other settings like Notifications and Confirmations If you need.

After Setting Up everything, click on the Save Button. (In Top-Right Corner)

Congratulations! Your Abandoned Form is ready to use on your WordPress site.

Step 4:  Use Form on Your Website

You can use this abandoned form on any page and post of your website. Just copy the shortcode for this form and paste it on any page or post of your WordPress site, where you want to use that form.

Wpforms Shortcode

There are two other methods to Use Abandoned Form on your WordPress Site:

1. Insert from Content Editor (Gutenberg Block)

Go to any post or page of your website where you want to insert abandoned form and click on the “Add New Block” icon and search the WPForms, as shown in the screenshot.

Add Wpforms Block Gutenberg

2. Unique Page for the Form

You can create a unique page for the form. If you want a special unique form for your form then click on the Form Pages option under Settings in WPForms Editor.

Wpforms Form Pages

Then click on the “Enable Form Page Mode” and configure other settings & options like Name, Permalink, etc. This Permalink will be the URL of that page and you can customize that.

Step 5: View Abandoned Form Entries

You can find and check your abandoned lead entries whenever you want.

Follow these steps to Check Abandoned entries: WPForms >> Entries and then select the form to see the entries for that form.

abandoned form entries wpforms

Step 6: Send Emails to Abandoned Leads

You can convert an abandoned lead into your customer if you find that abandoned form instantly when he left your site.

And it can be possible only if you have enabled notifications for your abandoned form entries. As shown in the screenshot below:

noification settings wpforms abandoned forms

Now you get the notifications for abandoned leads, so what’s next…?

Now you need contact with that lead.

You should send a mail to that abandoned lead. There are two options to do that:

  1. Manually: get the email of that lead and contact him manually.
  2. Automatically: You can set up an automatic message. That message will be automatically delivered to every abandoned lead.

Final Words

It is always easy to convert existing leads into customers than finding new from scratch. And there is nothing bad to track abandoned leads and contact them to know the issues. They can give you ideas to improve your business even they are not ready to become your customer.

And WPForms is the best to create Abandoned or any other type of form in the WordPress.

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