Do you want to learn how to start a blog? In this Guide, I will show you step by step that how you can start your own blog in just 10 minutes even if you are not a developer. Yes, you can start a blog without any technical knowledge just by following this starting a blog tutorial guide. It is really easy to create a blog for everyone.

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions of my life. My blog gives me the freedom to live my life as I want, financial stability, personal-business connections, and a loyal audience. Blogging has changed my life and gives me a new online family.

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Now I’m Living Laptop Lifestyle and The blog (TheBlogging.CO) which you are reading now is generating good income each month without any special efforts.

The main thing which I like most than anything is that starting a blog gives me the opportunity to connect with my loyal-talented audience and share useful content, thoughts, and experiences with them.

No matter that you want to start a blog to make money online with blogging or for your personal brand, business, services or you simply want to start a blog as a hobby, you should learn that how to create a blog yourself. Because it will help you to save your money and learn the basics of Blogging and your blogging platform which will be useful for you to manage your blog easily and run it successfully.

And to help you with starting your own blog, I have written this ultimate step by step easy guide. I have tried to make it as easy as possible and with complete details to guide you at every step with my personal experiences and real practical strategies and techniques.

This guide will cover all the steps which you must know before, during and after starting a blog. Like as how to create your own blog to set up a blog to monetize a blog and run it successfully plus some FAQs of most asked and useful questions.

I can give you surety that you will create your own blog very easily and in just 15 minutes. And after reading this guide, you will have the answers for all the questions what you have now in your mind.

But if you still remain question or having issues with anything regarding your blog then feel free to contact me through our contact page or in the comments. You will get personalized replies directly from me. I am always here to help you at every step:)

I really want to help you and excited to see your blog live and read your useful content and thoughts on your blog. So now without any delay, lets come to the point that How to start a blog (to make money or otherwise).

I have divided this creating your own blog guide into different clickable sections or subparts or steps, so you can reach to any step by simply click on any step.

How to Start a Blog in Easy Steps In 2019

Learn how to create a blog in just 15 minutes.

Step 1: Choose a Niche For your Blog

Step 2: Find a Domain Name

Step 3: Choose A Right WebHost

Step 4: Choose A Right Blogging Platform

Step 5: Install Your Blog

Step 6: Set up and Design your Blog

Step 7: Install and configure Plugins

Step 8: Create Pages

Step 9: Publish Content

Step 10: Promote your Blog

Step 11: Monetize your Blog

I’m Starting this guide from the very scratch so that you can get the maximum knowledge about starting a blog and make it successful. After reading this guide there will be no doubt or question regarding blog and blogging, in your mind.

What is a Blog?

“A Blog is a type of Website where someone (called blogger) shares his experiences, thoughts, and knowledge with the World and to help them.”

A blog is an online medium to share your knowledge with the world by publishing regular content on your Blog. Blogging can be very useful for a person or a corporate to build their audience and to become a reputable name in your field and grow your business.

And how you can start a blog and make it successful, you will learn in this guide step by step in very easy language.

Why should you start a Blog?

About starting a blog there is a misconception that you must be a good writer and an expert about the topic. But it is not true….!

People read blogs to learn personal experiences, views about something. Means they want only knowledge or want to learn something from you. They don’t much care about your writing style, words, grammar, etc.

There are millions of blogs on the internet and all those bloggers are not great writers and native speakers.

For example, if you are running a food blog then there is no need that you will be a food expert and a good writer because your readers don’t want scientific research from you about foods they just want to know your experiences, mistakes from you.

But once you start a blog and run it consistently then you can definitely become an expert and good writer

There are many advantages to start a blog:

  • You can become a Good Writer and an Expert in your field.
  • You can build your own audience and followers.
  • You can make money with Blogging too.
  • Build connections with like-minded people.
  • Blogging is a great way to connect with the world and share your thoughts.
  • A best option to use your free time and energy.

In simple one line, starting a blog can help you in many ways. There are limitless possibilities.

How Much Does It Cost to Start A Blog?

The method which I’m telling you in this guide is very budget-friendly. It will cost you $2-$4 per month. I started my blog with the same method and ran in this budget for many years. But I started investing more as well as my blog income grew.

Now, I’m using premium tools and services. But in the starting, there is no need to use premium products. You can start a blog and run it successfully without paying for premium tools.

Can I start a Blog For Free?

If you want to know how to start a blog free? Is there any method to do that? Then I will say that Yes, you can start a blog for free without paying a cent.

Starting a blog free is not a big thing these days. There are many free blogging platforms where you can start a free blog.

But the question is that is it the best option to start a free blog?

Then I will say No! Especially when you are serious about blogging and also want to make money from your blog. But if you want to start a blog just as a hobby and don’t want to make money from the blog then you can use any free platform like Blogspot,, etc. Otherwise, free blog sites are not a good option.

There are many problems with starting a free blog. Like as;

  • Lack Of Control
  • No Support
  • No to Very basic and Limited Features
  • Difficult to Migrate
  • No to Limited options to Monetization
  • You will not be the real owner of your Blog (Most Important)

Your free blog can be deleted at any time. And you can’t do anything once your free blog deleted. Then there is no option to recover your content. This is the biggest drawback of using free blog sites because it will cost you more than what you saved.

And paying just a few dollars is also like a free blog. But with everything that you need to succeed your blog. That’s why I’m recommending to you that you shouldn’t start a free blog.

How to Create a Blog Step by Step

You can start a blog on in just a few minutes just by following my steps to create a blog.

Step 1: Find a Niche for your Blog

(If you already have chosen your niche this you can skip this step and go to the Step 2.)

Niche is the topic of your blog.

There is nothing wrong to start a multi-niche blog and write about everything on that. But it has some limitations and especially when you are a newbie blogger then it becomes more difficult for you.

But if you start a blog related to one topic (niche Blog) then it becomes easier to run that efficiently. Because then you can better plan your content strategy and you can design and market your blog according to that.

Your audience will also be interested in that niche. So you will be more focused and can get more authority, trust with niche blogging. That’s why there are more chances to succeed with a niche blog than a multi-niche blog.

You can start a blog about any niche or topic. Here are some popular niches:

  • Technology
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Lifestyle and many more!

But if you have any other or new idea then you can start a blog about that. There is nothing wrong to give it a try. But if you are still confused about choosing a niche for your blog then use this method to choose the right topic to start your blog.

How to Choose that What to Blog About?

To choose the right blog topic just ask these questions to yourself;

  • Are you passionate about that topic?
  • Can you write about that topic without getting bored?
  • Do you have some knowledge about that topic?

If your answer is yes for all these questions, then you can start your blog on that topic.

If you are good at something or have achieved success with that then you can start your blog about that. Your experiences, knowledge, and mistakes are enough to make you stand out in that niche.

Step 2: Find a Domain Name for your Blog

Now you need to find a domain name for your blog. A domain is the permanent address of a blog on the internet which we use to open that blog or site. For example, is the domain name of Google.

A domain name is a very important part of starting a blog because a good domain name can automatically get trust and authority for your blog. Your domain is your brand name so it must be easy to remember, unique, and short. If possible then choose a domain name which describes your blog niche too.

How to Come Up With a Good Blog Name?

Here are some tips which can help you to choose a perfect Domain name for your blog. You can use your own name or your niche related phrase, or anything else. Here are some blog name ideas to give you an idea to generate blog names and choose the right one for your blog.

  • – (surname + phrase)
  • (Digital Marketing Agency)
  • (website analytics tool)
  • (Publication about founders)
  • (Business Media Publication)
  • (General Phrase Term)
  • (Website Optimization Tool)
  • (Digital Marketing Agency)
  • (Website about Black Friday)
  • TheBlogging.Co (writing about Blogging)

Don’t run behind the exact match domains only, you can choose any other domain name if you want. But don’t worry if you are unable to find the right domain name for your blog. You can change your domain name later. So take actions towards your success and start your blog.

A domain name costs you normally $7-$15/year. But I have a special discount offer for you. You will get a free domain for one year!

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Step 3: Choose A Right Webhost

There are many webhosting companies and different types of webhostings. but you need an affordable and high-quality webhosting for your blog. Shared Hosting is the best hosting option for a new blog because it is easy to use and reliable webhosting.

and to buy a webhosting, I will recommend you to buy webhosting from because it is a reputable hosting provider company. I have used Bluehost for my blogs. that’s why I’m recommending you

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Now you need to buy a hosting to start your blog. For that click on the above showing button and go to to buy webhosting with 65% off.

After reaching at, click on the Get Started Button.

bluehost com

Now, you will see Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans. you need to choose the right one for you. If you want to host only one blog on Bluehost then you can buy the “basic” plan for yourself. but if you want to host more than one sites or want some more features then you can buy plus or Choice plus Plan for your blog.

then press the “select” button for that hosting plan.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Plans

Now you need to get your domain name. If you want to register a new domain for your blog then type your domain name in the “Create a New Domain” box. you will get your new domain for free for the first year.

But if you already have a domain name then you can use that domain to buy webhosting. then enter your domain name in the second option; “Use a Domain you Own

Then click on the Next button.

choose domain bluehost

Now you need to enter your account information, as you are seeing in the screenshot below:

Create Your Account Bluehost

In the above screenshot, there are four sections:

  • Account Information: Here you need to provide your personal information
  • Package Information: Here you can change the time period to buy the hosting. Means you can buy hosting for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. Bluehost gives a higher discount on 36 months plan than lower time periods. If you can then you should buy for 36 months (my recommendation) but you can buy for one year too.
  • Package Extras: unselect all the options from this section otherwise your cost will be increased for these features.
  • Payment Information: enter your credit/debit card details to make payment to Bluehost.

Then check the box to agree with their terms and conditions and click on the “Submit” button.

Congratulations! you have completed your first step towards starting your blog.

Now you will receive a purchase confirmation email from Bluehost and with login details.

Step 4: Choose A Blogging Platform

Blogging platform means software or service (CMS) which you need to create your blog.

Choosing the right blogging platform plays an important role in the growth of your blog. A perfect blogging platform gives you full control on your blog means you can Design, run and manage your blog as you want.

There are many blogging platforms which you can use to start your own blog. But every blogging platform has its own pros and cons. Some are paid CMS and some have functionality limitations to do something on your blog. That’s why you should choose the best blogging platform for your blog.

What are the best CMS blogging platforms?

Here are some popular blogging platforms to create your blog.

  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora and many more!

Which is the best blogging platform to start a Blog?

If you want to start a blog to make money or want to be a professional blogger then you should create your blog on Not because of that is a premium CMS to make a blog. I’m saying this because it the perfect blogging platform to start your blog. Even if you want to start your blog as a hobby, you should start your blog on is an open-source CMS and free of cost. gives you full control and freedom to design, run and manage your blog. You can create almost any type of blog on WordPress. That’s the reason that Google and top Companies and brands are using WordPress for their Blogs. Companies like Facebook, TED, TechCrunch, NBC, Forbes, Vogue, and many others are using WordPress to create their blogs.

No other blogging platform gives you the ability and features to start your blog as and are different platforms. is the free, Open-source, and perfect Blogging CMS but is not open-source and free. has limited features than You can check this Full Detailed comparison guide between vs.

If you are really serious about blogging and want to achieve your goals then you should start a blog with

Step 5: Create A Blog Step By Step

Now you are just a few clicks away to see your blog live on the internet. Now I will teach you how you can make your blog. You just need to follow these steps to create your WordPress blog on your Bluehost webhosting.

Go to and login to your Bluehost Hosting Account.

Create site Bluehost Portal

Then go to My Sites Tab and Click on the Create Site Button, As showing in the above screenshot.

Create WordPress blog on Bluehost how to start a blog

Now Entre the name of your Blog Under Site Title and Tagline under Site Tagline Option. (you can changes these both options later)

Then press the Next Button.

Now provide the other details Like as username, password, etc. and click on the create site button.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your blog 🙂

Step 6: Setup and Design your Blog

After Just Creating your WordPress blog, you need to set up your blog and configure your blog settings first.

For this go to your WordPress Blog Dashboard. (Login to your blog if you’re logged out from your blog)

Wordpress login How to start a blog

Go to Settings

Wordpress settings How to start a blog

Under Settings Option, you can Find Different types of Settings for your WordPress Blog;

You can change your Site Title, Tagline, Site URL, Email, Site Language and some other basic General Settings.


wordpress reading settings

Here you can find settings related to blog means, you want to use different blog page and static homepage (A Static Page) or you want to show your latest posts on your homepage (Your Latest Posts). and can also limit the number of posts to show. and some other settings.

Note: Don’t check the box “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” because if you select this then your site will not be shown in Google.

Here you can find all the settings related to the site comments that how you want to manage your site comments. For example, you to approve each comment manually or not.


Wordpress Permalink Settings

It is the most important setting for your blog. And I recommend you to do it before anything. you should set your permalink structure a just after the login to your WordPress blog. you need to change it to “Post Name.”

After configuring the basic settings of your blog, now you need to design your Blog.

How to design a blog?

Design is a very important factor to start a profitable blog. Good blog design helps you to get the audience’s trust and engage them with your blog. Choose a Simple, clean design theme for your blog.

To design your blog like as pro, you need a high-quality theme for your blog. Basically, WordPress Themes are blog-design templates to design your blog.

WordPress themes are categorized according to their design layout and niche. Like as;

  • Magazine Themes
  • Blog Themes
  • Business Themes
  • Portfolio themes
  • E-commerce Themes

You can find both Free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes (paid) for your blog. Mostly free themes have limited features and low quality. This is the biggest drawback free themes. There are very few free WordPress themes which are really good and can be used on blogs. Generatepress and Schema Lite are the best free themes. You can use anyone on your blog if you don’t want to buy a premium theme.

But if you are starting a blog for profit and want to get your blog noticed then you should buy and use a premium WordPress theme for your blog. Because then you can get more control, features, and support from the theme developers.

You should buy an SEO-friendly, Ultra-fast and feature-rich high-quality WordPress theme for your blog. A Premium WordPress theme will cost you around $50. I will recommend you only a few but reputable WordPress themes and companies to buy premium WordPress theme for your blog.

If you really want to buy an SEO-friendly, easy to use and feature-rich theme for your blog then you should buy a theme from MythemeShop, Elegant Themes, Studiopress or Thrive Themes. These companies offer amazing support and premium quality themes.

Here are the some best WordPress blog themes;

But if you want more Premium SEO-optimized & feature-rich themes then check Our Mega List Of Best WordPress Themes

If you want more premium products at the almost same price or want a very professional theme with page builder so you can create any type of design of your blog then you should buy ThriveThemes Membership. Then you will get their all products to use on your blog.

But if you have a very limited budget then you can buy a theme from the above list. You can buy any theme from MythemeShop in just $35.

Free Gift:
But if you want Studiopress Theme to give an professional look to Your Blog then you can get that 100% free.

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After buying a theme, now you need to install and setup it on your blog.

How to install and setup theme on WordPress Blog

Follow these steps, to upload and install your theme on your WordPress blog.

Wordpress Appearance

WordPress Dashboard> Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload

Add new WordPress Theme

Then choose your Theme from your PC to upload. And click on Install Button.

upload new theme wordpress

Once theme installed successfully, and then click on the Activate Theme option. 

Now you need to customize your theme. For this go to Appearance> Customize. Add Logo, Favicon and Customize your colors, Site Layout, Footer section, and other options.

Pro Tip: before designing your blog and theme, publish some content on your blog and create pages and menu for your blog. Then you customize and design your blog more effectively and easily.

You can add, customize the navigation menu of your blog. just by following these steps:

Wordpress Appearance

First of all, Go to Appearance >> Menus.

Create wordpress menu

Now give a name to your Menu. It is always better to give a name related to its position so we can easily know the location of a menu and customize in the future. For example, you are creating the main menu of your blog so you can give ita name like “Main Menu” “Header Menu” or any other.

After giving it a name, click on the “Create Menu” Button.

Add Menu items

Now select the pages, posts, or categories that you want to add to your Navigation Menu. only choose important pages or links to add in the navigation menu.

Navigation menu helps users to easily navigate a website or blog. So you need to create your blog navigation menu, to help your users to easily navigate your blog.

Widgets are the small blocks that you can use to show more content on your blog. You can use widgets in the sidebar or footers to add useful content or info.

Wordpress Widgets

You need to go to Appearance >> Widgets to customize your Blog Widgets.

you need to drag a widget to the sidebar (or any other Location) and then click on that widget to open that widget and to customize.

But if you want to deactivate or delete a widget then drag that widget back from the sidebar.

Step 7: Install and configure Plugins

Now you should want to install and configure WordPress plugins to increase your site functionality and make your blog SEO friendly.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugins are the software or code scripts to add or increase the functionality of your WordPress blog.

You can get plugins to do almost anything. For example, if you want to add/change your blog fonts or you want to add a contact form or want to show social sharing buttons, you can do this in just a few clicks by using a plugin for that.

Some plugins are free and some are paid also. But I will recommend you only free plugins because, in the beginning, you don’t have any need to use paid plugins.

How to Install A WordPress Plugin?

You can get these plugins in your WordPress blog. Follow these steps to install and activate a plugin.

WordPress Dashboard> Plugins > Add New.

add new wordpress plugin

Now search your plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.

Then click on the Install Now Button then click on the activate button. Then set up that plugin.

Your plugin is ready to work on your blog.

Here is the list of some important plugins which you must use:

  • Akismet
  • Jetpack
  • MonsterInsights Google Analytics
  • WPForms (form builder)
  • W3 Total Cache (Cache plugin)
  • Smush It (image compression)
  • Social Snap (for social sharing)
  • RankMath (to make your blog SEO-friendly)
  • MailChimp

You can Install all these Plugins from WordPress Plugin Directory, As we have discussed above.

Install RankMath plugin to add SEO functionality and make your blog SEO-friendly. This is a must-use plugin. If you don’t like this then you can use Yoast SEO plugin but it has very limited features as a comparison to Rank Math.

Step 8: Create Pages

Every blog or website needs some basic and useful pages so a user can know about yourself as who are you? How they can contact you? And some others.

That’s you should create these pages on your blog too. Here are some important pages which you should create for your blog-

  • Home
  • Blog (if using static page)
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Thank you
  • Newsletter

And others (if you need).

How to create pages in WordPress blog?

You can create WordPress Page for your blog just by following these steps:

WordPress Dashboard> Pages> Add New.

add New Page

Then give a name to your new page and add your content or data to the page. After setting up everything click on the Publish button to publish that page.

Congratulations! Now your blog is ready to rock the internet. Now you should want to start work on blog content.

Step 9: Publish Content on your blog

Creating a blog is the first step towards starting a profitable blog and make money blogging. Because no one will be interested to visit your empty blog. You can’t get the audience for your blog.

You need to publish content on your blog to drive traffic on your blog. Your content must be High-Quality, well-written, and useful for your targeted audience, only then you can engage your audience with your blog and make them your blog subscriber (regular reader).

What should you Write About?

What you should write about is totally depends upon your blog niche, targeted audience, and your blogging goals. For example,

I run a Digital Marketing Blog. My targeted audience is small business owners who want to grow their business online. I want they will hire me to get my Digital Marketing Services.

Then I will list blog topics to help me achieve this goal. Like these;

  • How digital marketing can help you to grow your business
  • How digital marketing can reduce your total marketing cost?
  • 5 pro strategies to grow with digital marketing
  • An Ultimate Guide to keep your website safe from Google Penalties
  • SEO Expert Vs SEO Company: Which Is Best For SMBs?

 Any many others like these. I will do keyword research to get more ideas. And then will produce high-quality detailed content for my targeted audience.

Detailed-insightful Content helps you to get traffic for your blog, engage your audience and show you as a trusted name.

You should create a content strategy to plan everything about blog content and note down. It will help you to be focused and get more success with blogging.

How to Write High-Quality Blog Post?

If you have not written content before yet or have no idea that how you can write an awesome blog post then I will give you an idea to write an awesome blog post.

First of all, choose your blog post topic to write content.

Then plan your content that what are the related topics or subtopics which you should add in your blog post.

 Plan your content structure. Here is a thumb rule to write a High-Quality Post, You should structure your Post content In this Format:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction (need + Importance)
  3. Body (details of the Post)
  4. Conclusion (Summary)

 After this basic planning, start writing your content. Always try to use simple words and keep your sentences shorter. Break your content into small paragraphs (after 3-5 lines).

Proofread your content once you write that and fix your grammatical and spelling errors. Replace your words where you need to make a continuous flow in your content. You can use Grammarly to remove grammatical errors.

If you still have doubts then you should read this detailed guide to write SEO-friendly high-quality content. Your writing will be improved in some time but you should need to be consistent with writing.

After writing you need to publish content on our blog.

How to publish a post on WordPress?

Follow these steps to publish a post on WordPress.

WordPress Dashboard> Posts> Add New

Add new post wordpress

Now write your Blog Post Title and then add your blog post content and images.

Then add some related Tags, choose a category and a Featured Image for your blog post.

Wordpress SEO Title Meta data

Write SEO Title and Meta Description, Permalink and add focus Keyword. this SEO Title and Meta description will show on Google.

After setting up everything preview your blog post. If everything looks fine then publish your blog post by click on the publish button.

Your blog post will be live on your blog.

Step 10: Promote your Blog

Writing a blog post and publishing it on your blog is not the whole job. After publishing a post on your blog, if you are thinking that you will get tons of traffic because you have published content on your blog.

Then you’re wrong! No one will come to read your content (even if you have published the world’s best content) because no one knows that you have published a blog post on your blog.

So, How to Get Traffic for your blog?

The answer is “Promotion” you need to tell the world that you have published your blog. If you will not promote your blog no one will come to your blog to read your content.

How to Promote Your Blog?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the knowledge or existing audience to promote your blog. Everyone has started with the same situation, what you have now. but those who started promotion from the beginning are popular names of Today.

There are many techniques to promote your blog. I will tell you some techniques which are easy and effective for you.

Social Media: You should create your own social media profiles and for your blog too. If you already have then use those accounts to share your content.

Find and join social media groups related to your blog topic. Then you promote your blog in those groups and build connections with others.

Discussion Forums: there are many discussion forums and boards on the internet. You find your niche related too. Join them and use them to drive traffic to your blog. Quora is the best example of a discussion forum site.

Email List: use any lead generation tool like as thrive leads to collect your subscriber emails. Every time when you publish new content or something special for your audience then share that with your email subscribers.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is the best way to get exposure and establish yourself and your blog as a brand. Write awesome content and publish on your niche related sites. You will get backlinks, exposure, and traffic.

SEO: SEO is one of the best marketing techniques but it takes some time to give results. But once you ranked on the first page of Google then you will get high-quality traffic for your blog.

Outreach: Outreach is also a good method to build relations with other bloggers and grow your blog. You can mention some experts from your niche in your blog content and then contact those experts to share your content.

YouTube: You can create a YouTube channel and publish videos related to your blog content. YouTube can help you to drive extra traffic and earn more money with YouTube videos.

Step 11: Monetize your blog

Once you have published some posts on your blog, you can monetize your blog to make money blogging. There are many methods to monetize a blog. But which methods you should choose, depends upon your blog niche, traffic, etc.

But don’t worry I will tell you some blog monetizing methods which work well for every niche. And you can use more than one method at a time to monetize your blog and earn more from your blog.

How to Monetize a Blog

Here are some methods to make money from a blog:

AdSense: you can join Google AdSense or any other ad-network and place ads on your blog. But you need a good amount of traffic to make good money with Google AdSense or contextual ads.

Affiliate Marketing: you can make money with by promoting other companies products on your blog. Here is the complete guide about Affiliate Marketing.

Sponsored Posts: companies can pay you to publish their content or feature them on your blog.

Services: you can offer your services to make money from your blog.

Sell Ad Space: you can sell ad space to advertisers for some monthly charges. How much you can charge for an ad is directly depends upon on your blog traffic, popularity, ad position, and advertiser.

Courses: you can launch online courses to make money from your blog.

Products and tools: you can create some products/software to sell on your blog.

EBooks: you can write eBooks and sell them to your audience.

And many more!


You can start a blog very easily just by following above-mentioned steps. In the beginning, you should not invest more money especially when you are a just starting.

But you need to be consistent with your blogging. If you will not be consistent with your blogging then you can’t grow your blog. But you will work regularly on your blog and publish content then it becomes easier for you to grow your blog and make money.

In the starting of your blog, you should focus on learning than earning. And keep some patience to make a good amount of money from your blog. Because blogging takes some time to give results. Build connections with other bloggers, improve your blogging skills and test different methods techniques. You will definitely get success with your blogging.

But if you still have questions or are confused to choose a right blogging platform, domain name, hosting, themes or anything else. Feel free to contact me through our contact page. You will get a response from me in just a few hours. Subscribe to our blog to get tips to grow your blog and your skills. Let me know your thoughts in the comments box!